Anteprima Mondiale del Tessuto d'Arredamento e del Tendaggio

Proposte Fair


Collezioni Alta Gamma Collezioni Lusso Collezioni Media Gamma Contract Outdoor Residenziale Tendaggi Tessuti a Licci Tessuti Ignifughi Tessuti Jacquard Tessuti per Arredamento Tessuti Ricamati Tessuti Stampati
From yarns, selected with care, to fabrics and ready-made products.

As a leader in the textile sector, Vanelli produces home textiles and accessories, for both commercial and residential interiors. We explore further, create and innovate to provide outstanding and durable textiles for brands and professionals all over the world. Our fabrics turn interiors into living spaces.

We are always in motion. Our passion for fabrics is our driving force, and we live it to the fullest. Never stand still; we are always searching for new trends and fresh ideas. Our vision and communication reflect our constant quest for innovation and creativity.

Our identity is a patchwork of different cultures, talents and characters. This diversity is what defines us as a family and a company. Being in the business for several generations leaves us with many stories about who we are, how we work, and where our inspirations come from.