Anteprima Mondiale del Tessuto d'Arredamento e del Tendaggio

Proposte Fair

Inspired from the geometric architecture of Cycladic culture in the Bronze Age, embroidered at its perfection, to fit well in our urban lifestyle, into a stunning structured retro attire. Hues and shades of white, ecru and grey in dry, gauzy, gossamer look in geo structures creates an ultra-modern vibe to the interiors.              Lavish yet smart texture, dimensional embroidery with jacquard sheers will refine the subtlety and elegance of the living space.


Collezioni Alta Gamma Collezioni Lusso Collezioni Media Gamma Outdoor Residenziale Tendaggi Tessuti a Licci Tessuti Ignifughi Tessuti Jacquard Tessuti per Arredamento Tessuti Ricamati Tessuti Stampati Velluti
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