Anteprima Mondiale del Tessuto d'Arredamento e del Tendaggio

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Cashmere velvet is an extremely warm, soft and light fiber obtained from cashmere goats raised in the Asia plateau.

In particular, the cashmere used to produce the velvet of the Manifattura Tessile DINOLE® comes from Inner Mongolia and the neighboring provinces (in particular from Ningxia), where the harsh and extreme conditions in which the goats live make the fiber much finer than that coming from other regions. The average diameter of the fiber, from which our velvet is obtained, does not exceed 16 microns (less than half of normal wool fibers). This fineness enhances the softness of the yarn and its luster.


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Fondata il 27 Settembre 1913 a Nole: 110 anni di esperienza rendono DINOLE® uno dei più prestigiosi e rinomati produttori di velluto per arredamento e ornamento del mondo.