World Preview of Furnishing Fabrics and Curtains

Proposte Fair

Colors and raw materials play the main role in percales and sateens. Percales with a matt look and sateens with the typical shine of this type of weave are perfect for creating passepartout items both for the world of home and hospitality interiors. Mainly for bedding and table décor, they can be perfectly paired with many other items in the collection with different patterns and weights thanks to the wide color palettes, creating eye-catching coordinated sets.


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MARTINELLI GINETTO was founded in 1947 and today is a leading Group in different stages of the textile supply chain. The company’s mission is to create the finest and original household goods: jacquard and plain double-width fabrics for home linens and interior decoration, wool yarns for high quality rugs and carpets, chenille yarns for upholstery.