World Preview of Furnishing Fabrics and Curtains

Proposte Fair

The naturalness of linen and hemp shines through in percales with a natural alure, shiny sateens, sophisticated jacquards and honeycombs with a classic and at times contemporary look. These fabrics are ideal for refined table sets, bed sets and accessories, and also work well as a printing base. The fabrics in the collection are made using the best quality European linen available on the market thus offering the Masters of Linen certification.


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MARTINELLI GINETTO was founded in 1947 and today is a leading Group in different stages of the textile supply chain. The company’s mission is to create the finest and original household goods: jacquard and plain double-width fabrics for home linens and interior decoration, wool yarns for high quality rugs and carpets, chenille yarns for upholstery.