World Preview of Furnishing Fabrics and Curtains

Proposte Fair


ARTICLE DESCRIPTION: Lightweight curtain fabric to recreate exotic environments and plays of light, ideal for shading window canopies letting in the right amount of light

Wash ability, (min. Standard. 4.5-5.0 EU Norm) YES
Colour fastness to heat setting (min. 4-5 at 180°C) YES
Light resistance colours white / champ. 5/6
Washing instructions

Hand Care Soft


Medium end Contract Residential Curtains Dobbies / Plan Fire-Retardant Jacquard Fabrics Furnishing Fabrics Embroidered Printed
Our company was founded on 1987. We create, design and manufacture our line exclusively in Italy. Our product is geared to medium-high level customers which include textile editors, converters, wholesalers and contract operators.