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MYB Textiles manufactures timeless Lace & Madras fabrics and was founded in 1900 in the Irvine Valley of Ayrshire, Scotland.

At the heart of MYB Textiles is time honoured heritage and a passion for continuing lace and madras production.
Preserving the traditions and techniques of the past distils the character and quality synonymous with MYB Textiles.
Since its founding in 1900, MYB have continued to hone their niche skills and perfect the relationship between technology and tradition. This has been passed on from generation to generation, a pattern MYB continue with in-house weaving apprenticeships and training.
The art of weaving and the craft of production are embedded in the MYB identity. Hand-crafted means exactly that, with workers handling and working with the lace and madras directly everyday. A rare authenticity that is recognised and much loved by MYB buyers and collaborators. More than just a testament to days gone by, these techniques continue to thrive as they produce a recognised standard of quality and renowned sense of character.